Sunday, February 12, 2012

Checklist for organizing and leading a climb

Before the climb
1) Research the route
- review guidebook and maps
- talk with others who have done the route
- determine the technical level and any special problems of the route
- check weather forecast and/or avalanche condition
- determine whether wilderness permits or reservation are required, and obtain these if necessary.

2) Form the party
- estimate the level of climbing skill and physical condition required
- determine party size

3) Determine equipment needs an make arrangements for sharing as needed
- personal equipment
- shared equipment

4) Research the approach
- driving route : check to be sure backcountry roads are open.
- hiking route : check trail condition
- not to forget air or sea approach

5) Develop a trip itinerary
- estimate miles/ hours of traveling ( road, sea, air)
- estimate miles/hours of hiking to high camp, summit and back to car
- leave trip itinerary with a responsible person.

On the day
-Make a final check
-Register with park or forest agencies if required

At the trailhead
Check equipment and discuss plan
- Personal equipment : make sure everyone has enough food, clothing, and essential equipment. Inadequately equipped climbers should not continue
- Shared equipment : make an inventory of tents, stoves,ropes and hardware
- Redistribute group equipment , if necessary to equalize loads
- Discuss the plan: route, campsite, time schedule, expected hazards

On the approach
-Keep the team members together. Agree to regroup at specified times or places- especially at trail junction.
-Decide on formation of rope team

On the climb
-Establish a turnaround time. Continuously evaluate , and adjust the turnaround time based on actual conditions encountered, if appropriate.
-Keep rope team close enough to be in communication with each others.

On the way out
-Assign a trail sweep
-Regroup periodically
-Be sure that no one leaves the trailhead until everyone is out an all cars have been started.

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