Friday, November 5, 2010

Kinabalu expedition

Kinabalu expedition
Alhamdulillah segala pujian bagi Allah tuhan sekalian alam.
There are no word that can be uttered that can describe how great it was when you are up there. Congratulation to those that reach the top whether faster or slower. I know all of you eager to reach the top as soon as possible but we forgot that some of our friend are struggle to breath to the top. As a leader i have to make sure that all of you are save and sound. My responsibility are heavier than the load that the porters carried. I have to answerable to your fathers, mothers, spouses, childrens, relatives and not to forgot your boses. Thats why i trained myself to become the sweeper eventhough it was the most difficult. I prepared to carry one of you if you are in trouble. Times goes by without we realized that we are missed the mountain so much. A lot of things happen over there that we cant catch up eventhough we use camera. Sob sob sob. Mahal kita Kinabalu.
Tinggal kenangan. (saleem)

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